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risk & crisis management

COMYA GROUP supports you in the crisis management of your company, by raising awareness and training all individuals involved in a project’s safety, whether in a high or lower risk environment.

Our goal is to help provide directive to those responsible for safety, to apply and strengthen security policy across the board, to maintain a risk prevention approach, to maintain an advisory role and to be both reactive and proactive.

COMYA GROUP performs risk assessments to evaluate the potential impact of risks to organizational objectives and vulnerabilities.

Our risk assessment services are designed to provide you a portrait of your risk posture, so you can understand potential gaps and threats to your organizational objectives.

COMYA GROUP risk assessments can be conducted to an enterprise level down to a site level, simple or complex, local to global.

An accurate and current understanding of your risk profile will provide a competitive advantage and provide the cornerstones to design the optimal risk management approach.

As regulation changes, it is critical that your company identifies the compliance risks and gaps in your organization. Risk assessments can identify and mitigate risks and our team can help address your structural and variable risks through our robust tactical operation support.

Risk assessments can help provide oversight into your organization and highlight areas where actions do not meet the required standard of care.

COMYA GROUP supports clients in the management of risks to which they may be confronted or exposed. We offer our clients safety and security audits that analyze the risks, whether they are human, technological, natural disasters, malicious acts (…).

We can audit on behalf of our clients, their companies and overseas subsiduaries, including personnel risks. Our goal is to guarantee our customers and their employees the highest level of safety and security.

After carrying out a comprehensive audit and analysis of the risks facing clients COMYA GROUP provides recommendations and support in transforming a security plan, deploying the best experts and advice.

COMYA GROUP provides its customers with assistance 24/7 in the event of crises occurring in its areas of expertise.

COMYA GROUP is able to support  clients or take charge of the resolution of a crisis in France and abroad, with the best skills profiles concerned (security crises, medical evacuation, ransom, etc.).

COMYA DEFENSE SERVICES LTD is the international subsidiary of COMYA GROUP, specializing in support and advice activities for organizations.

It provides a set of services including training, logistics, safety and security advice and technical assistance, …

The international subsidiary based in London, carries out its activities outside the EU, EFTA and United Kingdom in the aforementioned fields in compliance with an ethical charter and in accordance with the legislation.

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