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COMYA GROUP executes a very sharp due diligence on behalf of our clients engaged in investment and acquisitions (strategic, environmental, IT, legal, fiscal, social, accounting, financial, image and reputation).

COMYA GROUP helps you make the most of strategic information with a vision enabling you to effectively tackle new markets, identify risks as well as opportunities, and keep abreast of competition, technological and regulatory developments.

COMYA GROUP protects the economic assets of your company (safeguarding and developing your know-how, securing your information systems and securing your tech/commercial partners).

COMYA GROUP helps you to understand your needs, enhance your image and build your professional network.

COMYA GROUP helps you with the use of market mapping, to build the correct tools for understanding the competitive landscape (diagnostic criteria, identifying competitors, creating graphics, establishing a value chain).

COMYA GROUP can locate high-level threats and offer specialized risk analysis. As industry leaders, we strive to incorporate protective intelligence into every aspect of our services.

COMYA GROUP delivers world-class intelligence and tactical support.

Whether you’re simply looking for insights, or you require follow-up with tactical services, our global network will support you. Throughout our multi-faceted approach, we deliver increased protection to our clients’ staff, operations and assets.

COMYA GROUP provides the following abilities:

  • Aggregating informations from our network
  • Sifting through vast amounts of data and unstructured informations, providing you with uniquely focused situational awareness
  • Applying the synthesis and analysis methods needed to properly prepare for, and effectively respond to, rapidly changing global conditions.

COMYA GROUP represents and defends the interests of its clients with decision-makers in compliance with the legislation in force.

COMYA GROUP, through its network, helps its clients to establish themselves as part of their international development by offering informational, analytical and strategic support and networking (“network building”).

COMYA GROUP supports its clients by enabling them to develop by increasing their capacity for influence, and helps them achieve their objectives by implementing a digital intelligence strategy (social networks, e-reputation, “black and white marketing” ,…).

COMYA GROUP supports its clients in their prospects and their commercial development, as well as in the conclusion of any economic, financial or contractual transaction in order to guarantee them safe and reliable development based on verified information.

COMYA GROUP offers economic intelligence services (competitive intelligence, due diligence, compliance, etc.) and more complex financial, legal, digital and strategic intelligence services.

COMYA GROUP is able to collect strategic information on behalf of its customers, analyze it and offer a tailor-made strategy to its customers.

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